We’ve seen a lot of shows, even national acts, and the YesterYear show is as good as any show that we have ever seen!  We love the music, the comedy, and especially when the ladies get out into the audience.
Mary King

In the 7 years of our venue this act is in our top 3 draws.  They provide entertainment from the opening chords to the bow at the end of the show.  They keep it fresh and great crowd participation.  The three vocalist are well rehearsed and blend very well together, backed by an experienced group of musicians.  You find yourself tapping your feet with a smile and a, "Oh I remember that song."  Like a "human jukebox" from yesterday.....or shall I say YesterYear!

Corky Holbrook
GM:  Wheelersburg Music Theatre


If there is any problem at all with the YesterYear Rock & Roll Oldies Show it would be being old enough to enjoy it. That is no problem because it is a show for ALL ages. I am old enough to enjoy "the oldies" and I surely did!  This band is nothing less than Top Notch. The three lovely singers are truly a "Triple Threat".  They are fantastic on the songs where they sing solo, and they also harmonize like angels.  It is a fast moving show filled with one familiar song after another.  I understand that they even have more than one show they do.  That in itself is very rare for any group.  They are an amazing and rare treat.  DON"T MISS SEEING THIS BAND!!!
Chris Sutton
Huntington Blues Society

I wanted to officially tell you how much the WVAFF Convention attendees enjoyed YesterYear!  It was a stellar performance and one that I hope many events will want to share!

Jeanie Smith

​WV Association of Fairs & Festival

YesterYear  Rock & Roll Oldies Show